Elephants Remember is the second track in the Off-Score Project. You are lost, without memory and without direction. But there’s a heavy weight on your chest. To lift it, you must let the music and lyrics guide you to your past. Can you remember what you did? Will you regret what you’ve done? And now that you can see it, will you do something differently?


  • 5 to 10 minutes gameplay
  • After you have completed the game, the included .mp3 and .wav for the song become available


Elephants Remember Release TrailerYouTube


There are currently no logos or icons available for Off-Score: Elephants Remember. Check back later for more or contact us for specific requests!


About Off-Score Project

The Off-Score project is a music album that you can interact with. Off-Score Project consists of 5 tracks. Each track comes with a song and a game. On each track, we experiment with different ways and game mechanics to invite the player to listen to the lyrics of the song. The interactive tracks will lead you through different stories, mood and topics, from a piece of paper inside a copy machine which represent the society, to an elephants hunter that struggles with regrettable memories. "Pay attention to the music in order to advance in the game; play through the game in order to understand the story behind the song." This is the vision of the Off-Score Project. We hope to provide a new way of storytelling with games and music together.
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