The Off-Score project is a music album that you can interact with. Off-Score Project consists of 5 tracks. Each track comes with a song and a game. On each track, we experiment with different ways and game mechanics to invite the player to listen to the lyrics of the song. The interactive tracks will lead you through different stories, mood and topics, from a piece of paper inside a copy machine which represent the society, to an elephants hunter that struggles with regrettable memories. "Pay attention to the music in order to advance in the game; play through the game in order to understand the story behind the song." This is the vision of the Off-Score Project. We hope to provide a new way of storytelling with games and music together.


Singer-songwriter YenTing Lo noticed that most music listeners don't listen to the lyrics of a song. When she was planning to record her own music EP in 2017, this problem came to her mind because the lyrics are the main soul of her songs. Having worked and discussed with Ferran, a game developer who's been interested in new ways of combining music and games, they agreed that the interactivity of games could provide listeners with an experience that highlights the lyrics and enhances the storytelling of the songs. After approaching Ferran's co-worker Vanja for the visual art, the Off-Score Project began its journey.

The name Off-Score comes from our vision to take people out of the "game score" and "music score".


  • Interactive Music Album
  • 5 tracks with unique gameplay, story and mood
  • Original jazz fusion songs with allegorical lyrics
  • Aim to make listeners engage more with the music



Copy Machine Release TrailerYouTube

Elephants Remember Release TrailerYouTube

Application for Stugan 2018YouTube