Ferran Bertomeu Castells

games - art - music


games ∩ music

Off-Score: Elephants Remember (2020), code & design

Keyboard Guitarra (2020), code & design

Summer Festival (2020), sound & visuals

Off-Score: Copy Machine (2020), code & design

Poly-60 (2019), code & design

Jamsterdam (2019), code & music

Pianobots (2018), code & visuals

other works

Mac & Cheddar (2022), code

Interminal (2020), code

Coches de Choque (2020), solo

Missing Masks Cleaning Tasks (2020), code & design

Found (2018), code & design

Forget the Brakes! (2015), code & design

& other things on my itch.io


I'm Ferran Bertomeu Castells, you will also find me online as fonserbc. I'm currently in Taiwan.

I'm originally from Deltebre, a town in the middle of a beautiful delta, somewhere in-between Barcelona and Valencia.

I started my studies in Computer Science at the Facultat d'Informàtica de Barcelona, UPC.

I've been working freelancing since 2015 doing game development and design for companies like 23Divide and Block Zero Games.

I lived in the Netherlands for 6 years until 2021. In Amsterdam is where I started the Off-Score Project alongside YenTing Lo 羅妍婷 and Vanja Mrgan.

Since I started working with YenTing, I've been interested in making games and interactive media that regard its music as more than just background music.

I've been living in Taiwan since June 2021.